Credit Card Points & Miles: Simplified & Maximized

Individualized strategies to maximize your credit card rewards earned from everyday spending

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Our Process


In two minutes, select which cards you use and your rewards goals


Receive a summary of your current rewards-earning rate versus your potential


Recommendations on increasing points earned from current cards and potential new cards


Email support for points-related questions or access to our paid redemption assistance

Our Average Results


Increase in points or miles earned annually


Increase in cash back earned annually


additional Flights To Europe earned annually

Credit Card Analysis

Overview: A review of earning rates, annual fees, and benefits

View how much your points-earning rate will increase by implementing our suggestions

Hidden Benefits: Know when you are covered with stolen/damaged good, trip delay, warranty, and other insurances

Action Steps

Current Cards

Analysis of how to maximize your current cards to increase earning rates or reduce annual fees

Credit Card Recommendations

What new cards significantly increase your earning rate

Support & Redemption

Expert Help: Email support for points-related questions so that you are set up with your action plan

Using Points and Miles: 
Utilize our paid redemption service to view how to spend fewer points or miles for frequent flyer seats

Our Clients' Success Stories

Meridian W.

I was using a cash back card I got when I was 20. Now, a few year after college, I earn enough miles to make my thousand dollar ticket to Europe free every year.

Evan F.

I had no idea that my small business expenses could add up to so many points! Max Points' recommended changing one credit card to another version and applying for a business card that tripled my points. Business class is my new norm!

Casey S.

Max Points showed me how I could earn more from my family's gas and grocery bill to double my cash back.

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