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The Retention Challenge


42% of employee turnover is caused by "burnout"[1]


Average turnover is 4.2 years & millennials switch jobs every 2.8 years[2]

Vacation Time

Vacation time is the second most important employee benefit [3]

Lost Salary

Hiring & lost productivity costs 84% of an employee's annual salary[4]

Our Solution

Give your employees the benefits they want - with their own credit cards

Credit Card Analysis & Action Steps

Current Cards: Analysis of how to maximize their current cards to increase earning rates or reduce annual fees

New Cards: What new cards significantly increase their earning rate

Support & Redemption

Using Points & Miles: Utilize our redemption calculator to view how to spend fewer points or miles for frequent flyer seats

Expert Help:
Unlimited email support

Airfare Flash Sale Alerts:
Often, seats on international flights cost $500 instead of $1,000. We email you when these low fares are available.

Employee Impact

  • More affordable vacations
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Decreased turnover
Pricing is $2.50 per employee, per month with discounts based on the size of the company.
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